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About Breema

"To search for the meaning of life, look for the meaning of your own existence. Because  you can't find one without the other."

When Breema is practiced with an emphasis on unifying body, mind, and feelings by working with the Nine Principles, its harmonizing and balancing effects are enhanced, and the practitioner can experience movement in the direction of raising their level of consciousness.

About Breema<br/>Bodywork
About Breema<br/>Bodywork
About Breema<br/>Bodywork

About Self-Breema Exercises

"Real health means one thing - harmony with Existence."

The vast and unique repertoire of Self-Breema exercises is accessible to people of all ages and levels of flexibility and coordination. Profoundly natural and biomechanically brilliant, Self-Breema is a movement language that teaches body, mind, and feelings to work in harmony, and enhances health on every level. The exercises can be practiced anywhere, at any time, in ordinary clothing. They include exercises that are practiced standing, sitting (chair and floor), walking, and laying down.

The Nine Principles of Harmony

The Nine Principles of Harmony

Body Comfortable

When you enter into the present, and there is one moment and one activity.

No Extra

To express our true nature, nothing extra is needed.

Firmness and Gentleness

In Firmness and Gentleness we can find the possibility of harmonizing our mental and emotional activity, so that they can support each other.

Full Participation

Full participation is possible when body, mind, and feelings are united in a common aim.

Mutual Support

Any time you give support, Mutual Support is taking place, because you are receiving support simultaneously.

No Judgment

Relating to life in a nonjudgmental way can show us that we are not separate from anything in the universe.

Single Moment Single Activity

When you enter into the present, and there is one moment and one activity.

No Hurry
No Pause

When your being participates, without hurry or pause, your rhythm is the rhythm of Existence.

No Force

When we let go of our ­identification with ourselves as something ­separate from the rest of Existence, we let go of force.