Alexis Mulhauser

Alexis Mulhauser has been leading dance classes in the Bay Area ­since 2008. Her classes are infused with her passion for the human body, ­movement as a form of meditation, and the many modalities she‘s studied that support healing and wholeness, including Hatha yoga martial arts, and Breema.

In addition to teaching dance at Berkeley Yoga Center, she is a certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor, and Certified Massage Therapist. Alexis teaches Breema Bodywork at the Breema Center in Oakland and ­internationally, offers private bodywork/massage sessions at the Breema Clinic in Rockridge, and at Worthy Self-Care Studio in Elmwood.

 Alexis Mulhauser, Certified Massage Therapist | License #93695
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by Alexis Mulhauser

Originally published in the 2020 Conscious Dancer Newsletter

A quote from a Breema book says, “Ideas are exciting, but this moment is real.” When I first took the quote in, I remember feeling something inside me open up to know more. Not more about something that would necessarily make me wealthier or wiser, but more about deepening a connection with myself—and with life.

This past year has been life-changing. But why? What’s unique about this year compared to any others I’ve lived? When and how did a change in perspective set in? And why does it seem that our whole planet is spinning in such chaos, with looming questions about what is really true and how we can help ourselves and others?

I’ve been looking at those questions a lot lately. I’ve also been listening to what people all over the world have to say about them. Over time, I’ve come to realize that the things that give me real purpose don’t stem from merely waking up in the morning, checking off my to-do lists, engaging in endless emails, or staring in bewildered awe at the sea of social media comments and critiques. While the stimulation of these activities is meaningful in its own way, I have found that what holds real meaning for me each day is a real connection. That connection starts with me.

When I was in high school, I saw that I really had an interest in studying the body. I took my first meditation class and began to study dance, yoga, and the culinary arts. Exploring these three fields was life-changing for me at this young age. It provided me with a strong foundation to increase my understanding of my body, mind, and feelings. Dance gave my physical body a movement language to speak through, using form and freedom. It also gave me a way to examine my relationship with my body, on and off the dance floor. Yoga gave me a way of using my mind as a tool to support myself, rather than having it continually running my daily life. And the culinary arts have nourished my vitality and well-being by highlighting how food can affect my emotional state and feelings.

In many ways, these three paths of study all brought me to the same conclusion: when my body, mind, and emotions are connected, I experience being present and receptive to life. I need this receptivity to live from my full potential. I’m able to experience the world in me, and not just myself in the world. I see how I’m not separate from the chaos, but instead a microcosm of the world outside of me. read more